Eric Mann in Conversation with John Bachtell, Chair of the Communist Party USA

The Challenge of Socialism and the Unique Role
of Communists in Today’s Movement

In recent Voices programs, Eric Mann has challenged anti-communism and put forth positive views of communists in history. On April 11th, 2017 he put forth effusive reviews of the film Il Postino and Neruda—both based on the life of the Chilean Communist Pablo Neruda. Last week he presented his essay, “A communist in the labor movement” about his own work for 10 years as an assembly-line worker at the GM Van Nuys plant and his role as a communist in the United Auto Workers. Today Eric will engage John Bachtell, the chair of the CPUSA about the broad questions facing the left, the CPUSA’s assessment of its own role in history, and engage John’s remarks within a very positive view of the CPUSA’s role in U.S. history as well as unities and possible disagreements about its strategy and tactics today.

Listen to the full show:


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