Voices Radio: Film Review of Dressmaker, and Looking in the Mirror

This week on Voices from the Frontline—Your National Movement Building Show, Eric does a film review of Dressmaker; (See trailer here) a film about a young woman returning home after being vanished from a Australian town when she was ten. She is accused of killing the boy, and she returns to try to get to the truth, fix everything, and as Eric describes: expose white settler state society for what it really is….. an oblivion to it’s existence as oppressors who can’t function living on stollen land.

In the second half of the show Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, and KPFK listeners come together for a launch of a new regular segment on Voices from the Frontline: Looking in the Mirror. Eric goes into the powerful forces in the US who need to look in the mirror, and recognize mistakes and learn from those mistakes, including the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, etc. Everyone then describes mistakes that they’ve made in the past and corrective actions they plan to make.

Take a listen the full show here:



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