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kandi1This week on Voices from the Frontlines, Eric Mann hosts a conversation with Comrades in Struggle: Kandi Mossett and Dallas Goldtooth. Kandi and Dallas give an update on the current conditions in Standing Rock. Eric, Kandi, and Dallas speak about the need to take on President Obama as he is still President of the United States till January 20th and put out a call to recognize that the struggle around Standing Rock is not just about the pipeline but also about taking on the entire United States Imperialist power that is killing the world. Tune in to hear about the Struggle going on Right Now in Standing Rock, and most importantly to hear what you can do Tomorrow and this week to stand in solidarity and Help to win this fight.








Listen to the Full show:

Here is how you can support this movement.

    • Wells Fargo Customers Join in solidarity on November 30th, December 1st, and December 2nd in Closing you account and Divesting from the Bank. Visit visit for more information
  2. Call President Obama or send a signed letter to the white house urging President Obama and his administration to
    • Deny all permits related to the Dakota Access Pipeline issued by the Army Core of Engineers
    • Block Congress from allowing permits to be issued
    • Require the Army Core of Engineers to require that the company building the Pipeline perform and submit a full Environmental Impact Report
    • Resend Nationwide Permit 12 submitted to the Army Core of Engineers.
  3. Join in on the Day of Action in Los Angeles on December 10th in solidarity with this movement visit  to find more information on that event
    • This day will target every Army Core of Engineers office nationwide to pressure them into not going forward with the Dakota Access Pipeline and to respect the sovereign rights of Indigenous nations.
  4.  Divest from Chase Bank, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, and Citi Bank
    • Social Media: Film yourself closing your account in person at your bank. Use #BankExits and #DefundDAPL
    • Tell them that you are closing your account in solidarity with Standing Rock because their bank is investing money into the Dakota Access Pipeline.
    • Ask the teller to also close their account.
  5. Visit the following websites to donate and find more information on how you can support
    • Visit to donate directly to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
      • Sign the Online Petiton
      • Get up to date news on Standing Rock
    • Donate to Indigenous Environmental Network, read more information on Dakota Access Pipeline
    • Get up to date news on the happening in Standing rock.
      • Follow their social media feeds
      • Read more about Dakota Access Pipeline
    •  Donate to Oceti Sakowin Camp, the largest camp supporting the Standing Rock Movement, follow social media feeds, read more about Dakota Access Pipeline
    • Sacred Stone Camp was the original Camp that showed up to fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.
      • Donate to Sacred Stone Camp to support their Legal Defense Fund
      • Donate to support the Logistics and supplies fund
      • follow social media feeds

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