Voices Radio: Listen to the Jill Stein and Eric Mann and Eric’s Commentary after the conversation

Gary StewartThis week on Voices from the Frontlines Eric Mann Listens to the full conversation with Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein and gives his thoughts immediately following the interview.

Jill and Eric speak about the International Nuclear Arms Race being lead by the United States (and Hilary Clinton), the Disenfranchisement and Genocide of Black People in the United States, and the struggle against white chauvinism in the Green Party.

Eric speaks with Jill about The Strategy Center’s work in Los Angeles and Nationally— Voting No on Measure M—LA County Metro’s Racist Sales Tax and calling on President Obama to end the Department of Defense 1033 Program.

We want to thank Meleiza Figueroa, the Press Director of the Jill Stein for President Campaign for working with us to make this conversation possible.

Listen to the Full Show Here:


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