Bernie Sanders Democratic Nation Convention Speech: A Betrayal to the People



Bernie Sander Turns His Back on the People

On today’s show Eric accompanied by Voices radio show Producer Channing Martinez discuss  and analyze the politics and the shortcomings of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton ,  the Democratic Party and their systematic, deliberate indifference towards the social plight of black and brown people nation wide. Eric will also take calls from you the Voices listeners, and hear your comments and opinions on the issue.

Aired on July 26, 2016

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Me and Jesse Williams: The Organizer, The Celebrity, and You

Published in: The Huffington Post 07/13/2016
By: Channing L.Martinez, Black-Garifuna Queer, Radio Show Producer, and Organizer with the Labor/Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles

Thanks Jesse Williams. It took a lot of bravery for you to get up at the BET Awards Ceremony and give a speech filled with anger and rage at the system— and the way that the killings of Black people are being televised as if each event were a public lynching. But in my opinion you didn’t go far enough. I begin with the Comment I put onto Facebook the day after your remarks: “I’m not so sure about the speech Jesse Williams gave the other night… It’s full of exciting rhetoric and a good analysis of the system… But there was no call to action. You could have told the audience… “Let’s call on President Obama to end the Federal 1033 Program that gives military weapons to local police forces—like in Ferguson—to kill our people. Let’s demand Jobs or Income Now for our people and not be afraid of public welfare programs that we have earned. Let’s cut police spending in every city by 50 percent now! And let’s cut U.S. emission of greenhouse gases by 50% now as well.” A good organizer doesn’t simply get people riled up— You always need a call to action and very specific demands.”

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