Palestine—the Most Compelling Reason We Need a Sanders Victory and a Clinton Defeat in California

The California Democratic Primary is this Tuesday, June 7. Whatever “The Movement” means to you, if you care about human decency and international human rights we need a Sanders victory and a Clinton repudiation in California on June 7—and beyond.

It is my view that the Israeli government, with the active support and military aid of the U.S. government is committing human rights abuses and genocide against the Palestinian people. I believe that Hillary Clinton is aggressively, willfully, and consciously aiding and abetting that genocide and must be defeated in California and at the Democratic Convention. I admire and support Senator Sanders for his courageous challenge to the American Israel Political Action Committee, his support for human rights and fair treatment for the Palestinian people, and his open challenge to Hillary Clinton on Israel and Palestine. I do not expect him to share all of my views but I do wish him well and will work for his victory.

  1. Bernie Sanders is courageously defending Palestinian human rights and standing up to the powerful Israeli lobby while Hillary Clinton is defending the Israeli occupation of Palestine, slandering the integrity of the Palestinian people, and calling for repression against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement
  2. Sanders, despite weakness in consciousness and content on civil rights and Black Liberation has gained the support of progressive and radical Black organizers, intellectuals, and artists—including Cornel West, Spike Lee, and Erica Garner, Eric Garner’s daughter whose video in support of Bernie Sanders is one of the most moving civil rights arguments today. By contrast, Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment are super-predators against the Black Community and the Black Nation and have a long, conscious history of encouraging mass incarceration.
  3. Sanders is challenging the ideology of the U.S. as a center of counterinsurgency against Third World Countries in Iraq and Libya while Clinton has a long history as a super-hawk to the right of even President Obama.
  4. The Sanders campaign is refusing to capitulate to the Clinton machine and the Democratic Party establishment and plans to bring a real political struggle into the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. He also has a real chance to win—and if not, to keep the pressure on Clinton and force substantial and enforceable concessions.

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