Barnie Sanders on Palestine and Hillary Clinton’s Genocidal Plans for Palestine

Palestinain state

Bernie and Hillary on Palestine

This week on Voices Eric Mann reads excerpts from presidential candidate Bernie Sander’s intended AIPAC Speech on Palestine and contrasts it with Hillary  presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s war-hawk views and plan for Palestine found in her speech given to at AIPAC. Eric also took calls from Voices from the Frontlines listeners that stated who they are voting for, why they are voting that person, and any positive or negative comment relating to their views of Bernie or Hillary. In one comment the listener told us all about California’s Senate bill AB2844 , Comments like this one informs and politically connects listeners to the importance of being informed about Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and their stark position on Palestine.

California’s Senate bill AB2844 would require the Attorney General to create a Black list of individuals, companies, organizations, etc. that are actively participating in boycott divestment of Israel, and would ban them from acquiring any government contracts.


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Aired on April 26, 2016




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