The Pathological Nature of Racism in Christendom and Schools


Capitalism and Christendom with Blase Bonpane

On the first segment of the show Eric Mann holds a discussion with Blase Bonpane Director of the Office of the Americas. Mann and Bonpane will discuss the historical and tragic actions of Christendom, capitalism, and the ongoing impact and relevance in today’s counter struggle for social justice and liberation in the black movement.


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child in prison

The Preschool to Psych Ward and Prison Pipeline

On the second segment of the show Eric Mann holds a discussion with Zakiya Sankara-Jabar Director of Racial Justice NOW!. The conversation will focus on racial justice issues such as the systematic criminalization of childhood and adolescent behavior, specifically those of black and brown children.

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 Revolutionary Rhythms

On the last segment of the show Eric brings to you “Revolutionary Rhythms”. Eric will play a tribute to the artist formally known a Prince, who recently passed away, and will be greatly missed. Eric will play two of the artist’s songs, “When Doves Cry” and “Purple Rain”.



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Aired on April 26, 2016




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