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Call To Action: End 1033 Militarization of Schools Now! With Manuel Criollo

On the first segment of the show Eric Mann holds a discussion with Manuel Criollo Lead Organizer for Fight for the Souls of the Cities. Fight for the Souls of the Cities and Dignity in Schools Campaign along with numerous organization and activist will be holding a national rally on April 22nd At the LAUSD office building which is on 333 Beaudry St. Los Angeles California.

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Eric Mann Addresses Youths, Students, and Leader at the HBCU Climate Change Conference; Final Segment

On the second segment and the last installment of this piece, Eric Mann address participants of the HBCU Climate Change Conference . Eric continues his discussion on key concepts and components which are important to the successful organizer. This piece will be followed by a brief report by Voices from the Front-lines Radio Show Producer Channing Martinez on thoughts of the experience and participation at HBCU.

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Bernie Sanders Heroic Position on Palestine: Comment By Eric Mann

On the third segment of the show Eric comment on the very heroic and bold position that presidential candidate Bernie Sander holds concerning Palestine. A position which set him apart from the rest of the presidential candidates.


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Joy and Motion

On the fourth segment of the show Eric brings to you “Joy and Motion” a weekly segment that will focus on singing, dancing, and exercising for the revolution.


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Aired on April 12, 2016




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