The U.S Presidential Election, Black Climate Change Conference, and Revolutionary Health

The U.S. Presidential Elections

On the first segment of this week’s show host Eric Mann holds a discussion with Noura Erakat on presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton and their views on Palestine. Excerpt on Sanders and Clinton’s view on Palestine will be played, which will then be followed up with thorough and analytical points of views from Noura Erakat and Eric Mann.

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Eric Mann & Dr. Beverly Wright on the HBCU Climate Change Conference

On the second segment of the show this week’s Guest is Dr. Beverly Wright , professor of Sociology at Dillard University and the founding director of the DSCEJ . Together Eric Mann and Beverly Wright will discuss the upcoming 4th Annual HBCU Climate Change Conference in New Orleans from March 30th – April 3rd.

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Joy and Motion

On the third segment of the show Eric brings to you “Joy and Motion” a weekly segment that will focus on singing, dancing, and exercising for the revolution.

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Aired on March 29, 2016




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