The Many Fronts of Revolutionary Struggles

The Spiritual and Sociopolitical Context of Jazz Music

On the first segment of the show, Eric Mann holds a conversation with Mark Maxwell host of the radio show Rise which airs on the radio station 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles. Eric and Mark discuss the deep spiritual and sociopolitical context of Jazz music, and its significance. Music is featured from Horace Silver’s album “Songs for my Father” .


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Military Grade Weapons in Los Angeles High Schools Returned! Where is the Proof?

On the second segment of the show, Eric Mann and Lead Organizer Manuel Criollo of The Labor/Community Strategy Center discuss the recent claims by the Los Angeles School board that they have returned the military grade weapons which they obtain courtesy of the 1033 Program .
To read the L.A. Times article Click here .


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Aired on March 03 , 2016


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