Live Broadcast: Prelude To Paris

On this weeks show, we’ll tuned in to the Labor Community Strategy Center’s Event: Prelude To Paris hosted at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church on November 19th @ 6pm.

Manuel Criollo will give an over view of the strategy center’s campaign, Eric Man will speak about the Strategy Center’s Delegation and the four demands they are taking to Paris. Channing Martinez will talk about the Strategy Center’s  E-organizing campaign, and Ashley Franklin will speaks about the Black Nation in relation to the United States and the United Nations Framework Climate Conference; “Paris is an opportunity for third world nations, both inside of the US and abroad to face the oppressors!”

This December the Strategy Center is sending Eric Mann, Barbara Lott Holland, Manuel Criollo, Ashley Franklin and Channing Martinez to the United Nations Climate Change Conference with four demands to be put in front of President Obama,

  • President Obama cut its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent of 1990 levels by 2025 — starting now!
  • Contribute $10 billion a year into the United Nations Green Climate Fund — starting now!
  • Bring back more than 100,000 Black internally displaced residents to New Orleans — with jobs, housing, and medical benefits — starting now!
  • End the Federal Department of Defense 1033 Program that gives military grade weapons to local and state police forces including school police.

See Eric’s Article for more detail: Prelude to Paris: Four Tragic Tactics by President Obama and Four Climate Justice Proposals He Must Support 



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