Rejecting White Supremacy and Anti-Black Racism in Latin America and Worldwide

In today’s Show, hosted by Manuel Criollo we will be discussing how to understand and build movement against policies that can only be described as ethnic cleansing of Haitian and Dominican-Haitian in the Dominican Republic. Under a 2013 Dominican Republic Constitutional Court ruling, people born in the country to undocumented parents as far back as 1929 are not eligible for birthright citizenship. While this has been primarily to target Haitian migrants and Haitian Dominicans and their families, the policy is rooted in a deep anti-Haitian, anti-Black racism that has had many irritations over the past two hundred years. If there ever was a place where Latinos, la Raza and the many people and nations of Latin America and the Caribbean need to take a stand to reject racism and white supremacy, this is it. Anti-black racism and white supremacy must be challenged to its core for our people to ensure its own place for social justice and for the true emancipation of all Latin America and the Caribbean peoples and nations.

We will be joined by Roberto Lovato. Roberto has recently returned from the Dominican Republic and has written two important pieces on Latino Rebels and The Nation; The Slow March of Mass Haitian Deportation: Is Dominican Immigration Policy Being Obamafied? and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UN.F.C.C.)

Aired on June 30 , 2015

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