Eric Mann and Barbara Lott Holland at “The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”

On this Show Eric gives a brief report from Germany and France as he and Barbara Lott-Holland Associate Director of The Labor/Community Strategy Center participate in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UN.F.C.C.) and in the Second Mobilization of the Coalition Climate 21 (C.O.P. 21) in Paris France. First Babara will read her article titled “President Obama! You Must Deposit One Hundred Billion into the Green Climate Fund Now, for the Lost and Damages and Reparations to the Nations of Africa, Asia, and Latin America Suffering from U.S. Climate”. Then Eric will give a brief take and update on the current social and political attitudes towards the world’s people of color amongst the German as well as the French government.


Aired on June 16 , 2015

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