Why Mike Brown? State/Police Violence Against Black and Brown People, and the Right to Resist

Eric Mann and Robin D.G. Kelley discuss Kelley’s latest article recently published in Counterpunch Magazine titled Resisting the War Against the Black and Brown Underclass:Why We Won’t Wait

“If the police are charged with keeping the peace and protecting citizens, but instead have contributed to the “epidemic” of violent deaths, then a case can be made for the complete withdrawal of the police from Black and Brown neighborhoods. The police are trained for combat and often regard the youth in low-income communities of color as potential enemy combatants. This is why the killing of “innocent” Black men in dark stairwells, Black women with kitchen knives, or little boys brandishing toy guns are not accidents. Cops patrol these areas with their weapon close at hand; behind every shadow lurks a suspect, and in war it is kill or be killed.” Robin D.G. Kelley.

Near the end of the show Eric take call-ins from the listeners in the wake of the decision not to indict Police officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown.

Aired on November 25 , 2014

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