An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement With Danny Glover and Frankye Adams Johnson

The Labor Community Strategy Center in collaboration with Voices From the Frontlines on KPFK 90.7 fm recently aired an interview with actor, film director, and political activist Danny Glover , along with long distance runner in the civil rights movement Frankye Adams Johnson . Both oral history conversations took place at the historic Tougaloo College in Mississippi during the 50th Anniversary of the Mississippi Freedom Summer .

In this show Eric holds a dynamic and inspirational conversation with Civil rights Veteran Danny Glover and Frankye Adams Johnson, two long distance runner and civil rights veteran.

Danny and Frankye give an oral history of the campaign of civil resistance and disobedience in the deep south and the important and historic roles that they and others played in the struggle for justice.

Aired on July 13 , 2014

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