On this show Eric Mann of The Labor Community Strategy Center, Alan Minsky Director of Programming on KPFK, and Mark Maxwell host of KPFK’s Show RISE, bring to you the listeners Audio clips of Malcolm X, Angela_Davis, Harry Belafonte, Huey_P.Newton” and many others as part of a KPFK fundraiser event.

KPFK’s fundraiser is an exciting event not only for KPFK but also for the listeners of Voices From the Frontlines. This is the time of the year when you the listeners are given the opportunity to show your love and support for the progressive message and work that KPFK and Voices from the Frontlines bring to you.
Voices From the Frontlines express its gratitude to all its listeners- both to those who were able to contribute to the KPFK’s fundraiser and to those who weren’t able to contribute.

Aired on May 06, 2014

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