Warrior Fred Ho, Presente! – The Life and Memory of Revolutionary Fred Ho

Warrior Fred Ho, Presenté!
Eric Mann along with Diane Fujino, Robin D.G Kelley, and Quincy Saul discuss and celebrate the astonishing life of Musician, revolutionary, and cancer warrior Fred Ho .

“While the system’s leaders of often interchangeable, mass movement’s require many leaders and as many generals and geniuses as we can muster. For us, the loss of a Malcolm or Martin, Harold Washington, Hugo Chavez and Chowke Lumumba before their and our time—and yes, a Fred Ho at 56—are massive blows to the movement. That is why Fred spent his last years building a new generation of leaders, and his Scientific Soul Sessions , his many bands, his endless students, and fortunately, The Fred Ho Reader, Black Panther Suite, so many cds, DVDs, operas, talks are part of a legacy that must be further studied and appreciated.” Eric Mann.

To read Eric manns’ article in CounterPunch which celebrates Fred Ho’s life click here

To listen to a musical and audio collage of Fred Ho speaking at the Southern California Library of Social Studies and Research at an event sponsored by The Labor Community Strategy Center and hosted by Eric Mann click here

Aired on April 16 , 2014

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