Neidi Dominguez: Moving Forward With A Strong Vision for Immigrant Justice.

Leading immigrant activist Neidi Dominguez has written an article called Our Vision Is More Than a DREAM: What’s Next for Immigrant Youth?. In the article Neidi discuss some of the successes, set backs, struggles, and future vision in the fight for immigrant justice.

To find out more about the fight for immigrant justice check out the following websites:

Aired on March 11, 2014

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  1. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for such a wonderful show. I am a longtime KPFK listener and had not had the opportunity to listen in to your show. I am a public school teacher here in L.A. and the issue of DREAMer’s is one that is near to my day to day experience. I was not able to get on the air on Tuesday.. I was driving and your lines got full. I belong to a group of educators working nationally on helping our local communities. We have a google plus community. I’ll share the recording of your show with them.

    Thank you and looking forward to listening in to future shows.. Best of luck.

    Jose. LA educator.

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