The Biography of Ruth and Joe Slovo Anti-Apartheid Warriors of South Africa

Alan Weider scholar, author,  professor, and oral historian has written a fascinating biography of Ruth First and Joe Slovo -two anti-apartheid warriors in South Africa. The biography is titled Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War Against Apartheid . Ruth First and Joe Slovo were uncompromising anti-apartheid leaders, militants, and wife and husband. Their fight to overthrow the apartheid regime of South Africa is one of incredible courage, sacrifice, intellect, and determination. Joe was a top leader and director of Mkhonto We Sizwe the armed resistance of the anti-apartheid struggle. Ruth was a ceaseless anti-apartheid agitator through her journalistic work and political actions. In August 17, 1982 while in exile from South Africa in Mozambique, Ruth was killed by a parcel bomb addressed to her. Joe lived on long enough to witness and be a part of the a new and liberated South Africa.

Aired on September 25 , 2013

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