Stop LAPD Spying!

Join local LA area residents and activists on Thursday, December 13th, to expose the Fusion center and demand accountability from the LAPD. Stretching past the days of COINTEL-PRO, LAPD has grown to become a key intelligence gathering agency. Intel gathering guidelines coupled with Special Order 1 and the iWatch programs continue to target activists and people of color. Trapwire technology used in the implementation of these programs only deepens the amount of money and resources wasted on investigating Suspicious Activity Reports that have never resulted in any convictions.

What goes on at a Fusion center?
What information is gathered and stored there?
How many SARs (suspicious activity reports) have been filed?
Why are we not even allowed to know if an SAR has been filed on us?
HOW MUCH OF OUR MONEY IS BEING WASTEDA Press Conference, Educational Speakout, Rally and Picket will be held.

www.youth4justice.orgThere will be transportation provided from Downtown.Bus to leave LACAN @ 930am –

Fusion Center 12440 E. Imperial Highway Norwalk, CA 90650
Visit  the action’s Facebook for more info: 

contact: Hamid Khan
562 230-4578

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