Help Prevent School Closure / Reconstitution of South Los Angeles Schools

Community Meeting
For information call: (424)240-8510
Thursday, November 27, 6:30pm
African-American Cultural Center
3018 W. 48th Street, LA, 90043 (at corner of 9th Avenue)

After years of instability and lack of support from LAUSD, Crenshaw High School has been on its way back. A dedicated team of educators, parents, students, alumni, administrators, and community have been working in collaboration with the school’s partner, the Greater Crenshaw Educational Partnership (GCEP), to ensure that every student’s potential is fully developed. This includes:

  • Ensuring that every student masters the tools necessary to go to college or into a well-paying career after graduation.
  • Reducing the number of student suspensions and expulsions.
  • mproving school safety and providing wrap-around services to meet families’ needs.
  • Ensuring that every student can productively contribute to their community.

Crenshaw has developed a nationally-recognized instructional program that encourages academic excellence through building the self-confidence of students. The program provides students with:

  • Internships with local businesses and organizations.
  • College application workshops.
  • Exciting community learning projects that put knowledge and skills into action.
  • Opportunities to engage in great athletic, music, art, and social/emotional health programs.

Now, Superintendent Deasy wants to end Crenshaw’s partnership with GCEP. This will dramatically disrupt the school’s positive direction and programs that serve students. It will directly threaten Crenshaw’s ability to continue to raise funds from national sources to serve students. It will open the school to reconstitution (removing all faculty and staff) or charter turn-over. These two policies are not supported by research and cut students off from vital and ongoing people and programs.

Superintendent Deasy is threatening the school at the same time that the District has not provided Crenshaw and other South LA schools with the basics – up-to-date technology and materials, staffing for complete academic and college counseling, a full-time nurse, training in Positive Behavior Support, and support for site administrators. The school and GCEP have done a remarkable job of filling in these gaps, but LAUSD’s irresponsibility in these areas is felt deeply.

Crenshaw joins with Dorsey and South LA communities to demand that LAUSD not terminate the GCEP partnership, and that the District support rather than destroy promising reforms for students.




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  1. I listened to the Voices show today (11/20/12) with great interest. Unfortunately, I can’t make the meeting next Tuesday, but I would like to be kept updated on Crenshaw High.

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