Join the Long Term Struggle for Transit Justice in LA

Inspired by the successful fight against Measure J? Join the BRU on November 17th! If this is your first meeting you will go through a special orientation to learn more about the history and politics of the BRU.

Time: 9:30am
Location: Immanuel  Presbyterian Church, 3300 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
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Agenda for Membership Meeting

1.) A Sum up of campaigns and 2012 election: ‘Mr. President Enforce our Civil Rights’ and the Defeat of Measure JThe year 2012 has brought the BRU another important victory: the defeat of Measure J. Despite being out spent 100 to 1 the coalition to defeat Measure J, led by the BRU, has shown that the truth, determination and leadership of our members could defeat the Yes on J campaign’s 3 million dollar corporate funded lies. The defeat of Measure J is a blow to LA Metro and opens up the political space for us to push our vision and raise critical questions around transit justice, civil rights, gentrification, global warming and the future of Los Angeles. At this November’s monthly meeting we will also take the time to reflect on the year as whole with a special focus on our national ‘Mr. President, “Enforce, Restore, Expand our Civil Rights Campaign” as we explore what opportunities and challenges will come with the re-election of President Obama. Come ready to share your thoughts around the highlights, the lessons, and where we go from here.2.) Planning Committee Nominations are here!

Elections for Planning Committee, the leadership body of the BRU, take place at the January monthly meeting. Beginning in November and then again at the December meeting, members will have the opportunity nominate other members or themselves to run. In order to qualify to run, you must have attended at least four monthly meetings during the year and have your membership dues up to date. In order to be able to vote in January the requirements are the same; you must have attended four meetings during the year and your dues paid by the January meeting. You may pay your dues for 2011-12 at this month’s meeting. To check on the status of your dues please call the BRU office at 213-387-2800 and ask to speak to Gabriel or Rosa.


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