No On Measure J with Sunyoung Yang, Barbara Lott-Holland and Damien Goodmon

Today we devote the hour to a critically important Ballot Measure that has not received as much attention as many of the other measures and propositions. I’m talking about Measure J. Measure J proposes to borrow tens of billions of dollars, as much as $90 billion, for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, better known as the MTA. If Measure J passes, the MTA will get tens of billions of dollars to spend in the near future, but borrowed against a 30-year extension of a one-half cent sales tax in LA County from 2039 to 2069.

Joining me to discuss Measure J for the hour and to also take your phone calls later in the show, are Barbara Lott-Hollandco-chair of the Bus Riders Union, and Sunyoung Yang, lead community organizer of the Bus Riders Union who heads up the BRU’s Clean Air, Climate Change, and Bus Only Lanes organizing projects.

Later in the show we’ll also speak with Damien Goodmon, Director of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition, and John Mirisch, City Councilman, Beverly Hills.

Aired October 30th, 2012
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