Tell Governor Brown: You can veto a bill, but you can’t veto a movement!

From the National Domestic Workers Alliance website. Click here to send a message and sponge to the governor. 

On Sunday, September 30, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Governor Brown had the opportunity to help lead the nation towards progress and equality for our growing, vital workforce of women. Instead, he chose to set us all back.

Join us in telling Governor Brown that you can veto a bill, but you can’t veto a movement.

Help us send Governor Brown a message that he needs to clean up his act — can you pledge $5 (or more) today to send Governor Brown a sponge?

To help demonstrate that domestic work is real work, we will be sending Governor Brown thousands of sponges (the tools of our trade) from domestic workers and supporters throughout California and the nation.  With your pledge of $5, we will send Governor Brown a sponge with your name —and, if you wish, a personal message. Click here to contribute to this campaign.

Click here to visit the National Domestic Workers Facebook page.


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