Fight Reconstitution at Dorsey High

Join the Dorsey High community Sept. 27th at the Rancho Cienega Gym, 5:30 – 7:30 pm! If you care about Dorsey, south L.A., or public education, come out and bring folks with you! We need you there! 100 feet from campus. 5001 rodeo, cross street is King.
LAUSD told Dorsey that the school might face reconstitution next year. “Reconstitution” means school staff are laid off and forced to re-apply. This would push out teachers, coaches, and other staff that love this community and want to work hard for our students and families. Reconstitution often leads to the elimination of successful programs and the breaking of bonds between school, families and community.

Let’s stop this reconstitution before it starts.LAUSD has already Reconstituted other schools in South LA, including Fremont, Manual Arts, John Muir, Clinton and Horace Mann. And LAUSD has messed with many other schools in South LA, like Jordan and Clay. All of these schools are made up of Black and Latino students. We can’t let Dorsey be the next school to face this.This facebook page was created to inform people that we are organizing around this stuff and we are taking action to stop this BIG MESS. Dorsey Administrators, Teachers, and community are going to work together on a great School Reform plan for the school. While they are doing that, we are working with researchers at UCLA. We are working with community organizations like the Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ), a grassroots organization made up of students, parents, community and teachers. We have already begun spreading the word in the community at conferences in South LA and East LA to inform the community about what the District has planned for our South LA Schools and Communities. We are trying to get everybody involved because if we have everybody’s support, there is no way we can lose. Please check our facebook page daily to hear about the updated events and information we post up. Tell your friends to “like” us and get involved to SAVE OUR SCHOOL.

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