Fight for the Respect and Recognition of Domestic Workers

From the National Domestic Workers Alliance website

Sign the Petition to California Governor Jerry Brown, asking him to lead the way for Respect and Recognition for Domestic Workers

#BeTheHelp we need — Pass the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (AB889)

On Tuesday in Sacramento, the California Domestic Workers Coalition gathered supporters from around the state to advocate for the passage of AB 889, the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. This bill will bring equality to thousands of Californians who have been excluded from basic labor protections for generations.

I support the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights because of children like Maria, a 14 year old girl eldest of 4, whose mom is a domestic worker. Maria’s mom comes home hungry, with pain in her knees and back. She doesn’t have time to eat during her 10-hour shift, and is discouraged from sitting down. Maria’s mother is never paid overtime, even when she is asked to spend the night. Maria’s mom doesn’t want to leave this job because she cares about the children she is taking care of. But her knees are getting worse and she doesn’t know what she will do when she can no longer stand the pain.

“I know that the sacrifices that my mom makes are to give us a better life, to make sure that we do well in school and we have everything we need, but I feel a great sadness when I see my mom come back from work so tired and unappreciated.”

Maria’s mom’s story is not every domestic worker’s story but every worker is just as vulnerable. After more than 70 years of exclusion, it is time for California to lead the way.

#BeTheHelp we need.


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