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Believe it or not the MTA has come up with a plan to make you pay even more money to destroy the bus system.

In 2009, they raised the sales tax with big promises to improve transit, but in fact what they gave bus riders was a hefty fare increase and major cuts in our bus service. Just four years later, the fat cats are coming back to the trough for more. This November Measure J will be on the ballot in the county of Los Angeles, which proposes to extend MTA’s half cent sales tax until 2069! This proposal is being supported by multi-billion dollare corporations who will earn billions in contracts to build rail and highway projects that we don’t need.

Come to the Community forum on September 20th to learn more about why we have to Vote No On Measure J.

Here’s a few to begin with: 1) Measure J would give MTA a blank check to accelerate the destruction of the bus system and violate our civil rights. 2) Measure J fattens the pockets of big business and gentrifies our neighborhoods. 3) Measure J is bad for our health and for the planet.


Central American Resource Center
2845 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA, 90005
United States
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  1. Eric–Congratulations on this new website. I read your article about Measure J and am now informed and will spread the word to my lists. My question is hypothetical but still on my mind: Is this a zero sum game? IF there were enough money allocated to transit to fund all the clean busses that the BusRider’s Union thinks we need AND to make them FREE…and if there was enough $ left over to ALSO build light rail…would that be good? Or is light rail intrinsically bad?

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