Crystal McMillan of L/CSC

The Strategy Center organizer and policy analyst Crystal McMillan, tells us about the Federal Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill that was just passed by the U.S. Congress and is waiting for Obama’s signature. This is a huge bill worth $109 billion dollars over two years and we’ll find out what the Strategy Center is asking Obama to do to strengthen it.

Crystal McMillan is an organizer and policy analyst with the Transit Riders for Public Transportation. In addition to her work with TRPT, she works as an organizer with the Bus Riders Union and on the communications team for the Labor/Community Strategy Center. Crystal grew up in a military family that included 5 sisters. She moved to Los Angeles after graduating from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Transit dependent, Crystal was recruited on the bus to join the Bus Riders Union. She works as a liaison with the Transportation Equity Network and she attended the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit and continues to advocate locally and in Washington D.C. for better transit.

Aired July 3rd, 2012
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