Tammy Luu and Francisca Porchas

Listen to the report back from Tammy Luu and Francisca Porchas who attended the People’s Summit in Rio as two of thousands of activists from around the world who went to Rio to put pressure on the United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainability.

Tammy Luu, Associate Director of the Labor/Community Strategy Center, and Francisca Porchas, lead organizer for the Strategy Center’s Transit Riders for Public Transportation national campaign, went to Rio de Jaineiro, Brazil as members of GGJ, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance.

GGJ is a national alliance of grassroots organizations building a popular
movement for peace, democracy and a sustainable world. We support each
other’s local struggles and collaborate with international allies who
share our vision and commitment to building a transformative social
justice movement beyond borders.

Aired June 19th, 2012
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Hosted by Eric Mann on KPFK 90.7 FM


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