Evelyn Servin, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, and Ingrid Chapman

Evelyn Servin, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, and Ingrid Chapman tell us about the intense struggle that’s been happening in the state of Alabama against some of the most vicious anti-immigration state laws in the country.

Evelyn Servin is a leader within the immigrant rights movement in Alabama, She co-founded the North Alabama Coalition for Equal Rights (NACER) in Russelville, Alabama in the month after the anti-immigrant law HB 56 went into effect early last year. She serves on of the steering committee for the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Rights which has hundreds of active members across the state of AL.

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, founder of The Ordinary Peoples Society, is a leader in the remarkable Black and Latino alliance that came together last year to fight HB 56.

Ingrid Chapman is currently an organizer with the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice. Ingrid is a carpenter by trade, but has has been a community organizer for 15 years. Prior to coming to Alabama over a year ago, she brought her talents and drive to many communities across the U.S. including New Orleans after Katrina and to the Bay Area.

Aired June 19th, 2012
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