Tom Dutton on Fighting Gentrification

Professor Tom Dutton will speak on his recent article for, “Do You Have a Sign” where he describes the current struggle against gentrification in Over-the-Rhine People’s Movement. His analysis sheds light on similar struggles taking place from New Orleans to Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, New York, and many other cities in the United States.

Professor Tom Dutton has been an organizer involved with the Over-the-Rhine People’s Movement for the past thirty years. He is the director of the Miami University Center for Community Engagement in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio. Over-the-Rhine is a low-income, mostly black community near the center of Cincinnati.

Aired January 24th, 2012
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  1. its totally horrendous what they are doing to poor minority people around the world uprooting them from neighborhoods they have lived in their entire lives just because the govt., the illuminati/nwo, and the rich white people want our neighborhoods , history repeats over and over every time the whites want something they just take it by any means necessary our family has been relocated 3 times so far for the white gentrification in otr and we currently are slated for a 4th relocation soon this has got to stop and then your throwing people together from all different hoods and that is why you are getting the rise in violence and death like in chicago and other cities where you have gangs that were divided by hoods for years then due to white gentrification you took all these people and made them live together after years of being separated and your getting deadly results but hey lets not forget the nwo main agenda is population reduction so of course this was another way to decrease population i could go on and on but i wil stop here for now and never be fooled gentrification is about building sustainable environments for the white wealthy elite the 1% the 99% are all slated for death to decrease population so the 1% can be sustained never be fooled this is all of satan he is the ruler of the illuminati/nwo who rule the world currently and who have for many years under the guises of many different govts., companies, etc. you have to sell your soul to be in the 1%.

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