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Support the New York Knicks Black Brain Trust

Eric will talk about how President Steve Mills, GM Scott Perry, Coach David Fizdale (Fremont High), Craig Robinson, vice-president of player development—and yes, Michelle Obama’s brother, and Alan Houston, GM of the Westchester Knicks) are finally getting it right–building the Knicks from the ground up with their own young players. Here comes R.J. Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, Kevin Knox, Alonzo Trier, Frank Smith Jr., Frank Ntilikina, Damyean Dotson, Luke Kornet, Kadeem Allen, and more.

Watch out for R.J. Barrett, a 19 year old star who has the will and charisma to move the entire team forward.

Honoring my friend Lewis Cole

During the Columbia University Strike (use Counterpunch link) one of my closest friends was Lewis Cole, tall, Jewish, and handsome and just a wonderful person. He worked as co-author with David Hilliard On This Side of Glory: The Autobiography of David Hilliard and the Story of the Black Panther Party. But as pro-communist, anti-imperialist, Jewish Knicks fans, his favorite book (that he signed for me) was Dream Team: The Candid Story of the 1969-1970 NBA Championship New York Knicks: Their Collective Triumph and Individual Fates. I will read from the book today.

Free Agency Fantasies

KD, you are a wonderful player, one of the greatest ever. So sorry beyond words for the torn Achilles. You will come back stronger. Go wherever you want to go and don’t worry what anybody says, it’s your life.

No, I don’t think the Knicks will get Kevin Durant, very sorry about his horrible Achilles tear, yes, if they can please get him. He is well worth waiting for. Hear stories about the New Jersey Nets, ok, that’s his call, that’s why it’s called Free Agency. Knick Fans, don’t succumb to the anti-Knicks hysteria, if KD chooses otherwise just keep the young team, most likely get the lottery again next year, maybe at 12, and the with the ping pong balls, who knows, look at New Orleans with a 6% chance getting Zion.

Do not touch Kyrie Irving. He left Cleveland because he didn’t want to be a sidekick to Lebron. He wanted to lead his own team. He forced his way to Boston where he hated everybody, couldn’t even work with Jason Tatum, Al Horford, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, and Gordon Hayward. Keep him away from Knicks young players; he is a hater and a sad guy. If he goes back to Lebron that’s fine with me, but he’s poison as a leader.

Laker Haters–Sorry, they are doing great

Everybody is having a good time talking about the Lakers dysfunction, and yes, so what else is new? But guess what? Frank Vogel is a very good coach, why diss him, that’s stupid, Lebron James is still Lebron James, he is about to turn 35, so what, try to beat him when he’s 40 and you’ll be sorry. Anthony Davis is a wonderful superstar and they also have Kyle Kuzma and tons of cap space. Yes, with KD gone, Klay out for much of next year, and Toronto a fine team but no, no match for a healthy Lebron, AD, Kuzma and whoever else they get, a Laker Championship dare I say it, is a real possibility.

Watch out for Atlanta and Trey Young!

The best young team is Atlanta. Trey Young is already spectacular and yes, a better passer than Steph and an electric force. John Collins is a stud and has a 3 point shot, Kevin Huerter is another marksman, and Omari Spellman is a force. Add De’Andre Hunter (being downgraded because he is so dependable, how did dependable and defender becomes bad words, and Cam Reddish with time to grow has star potential. Like the Knicks, but yes, even better, this group is one to watch and enjoy now.

More on the show today.

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