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Kim McGill of Youth Justice Coalition on juvenile injustice system, police and prison funding, and the school to prison pipeline.

Hosted by Eric Mann on 07/17/2012
Kim McGill discusses recruiting and training young organizers around the issues of the juvenile Injustice system, police and prison funding, the school to prison pipeline, what it means to build a movement led by people and communities of color, especially youth of color.


Van Jones of Rebuild the Dream, on the U.S. economic crisis, Obama, foreclosures, student loans, cccupy, building the movement.

Hosted by Eric Mann on 07/17/2012
Van Jones, founder of Rebuild the Dream, discusses the U.S.economy, foreclosures, student loans, Obama, Occupy, and what it means to Build the Movement.


Crystal McMillan: Federal Surface Transportation Reauthorization bill–what Obama must do to strengthen it.

Hosted by Eric Mann on 07/02/2012
The Strategy Center organizer and policy analyst Crystal McMillan, tells us about the Federal Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill that was just passed by the U.S. Congress and is waiting for Obama’s signature. This is a huge bill worth $109 billion dollars over two years and we’ll find out what the Strategy Center is asking Obama to do to strengthen it.