Dispatches from Durban: Firsthand Commentaries on the World Conference Against Racism & Post September 11 Movement Strategies

 Robin D.G. Kelley

author, Thelonius Monk: His Story, His Song, His Times
Eric Mann, a major voice on the Left, takes us on an international journey. He imagines a Left that can block U.S. intervention in the Third World and defend oppressed peoples in the ‘belly of the beast’.

Jim Lafferty

host, National Lawyers Guild show, KPFK Los Angeles
Eric Mann is one of this country’s finest thinkers and writers on the political Left. Dispatches changed my own depth of understanding and commitment to the notion that the fight against racism must be central to any movement.

Joseph Nevins

author, Dying to Live: A Story of US Immigration in an Age of Global Apartheid.
What do we do about the United States?” This is the big question that animates Mann’s provocative, insightful, persuasive, and highly stimulating book. To challenge the United States’ institutionalized injustices requires an international movement that enjoys a far greater level of consciousness and organization than it now does, and Mann provides myriad tactical interventions aimed at progressing toward that larger strategic goal.

Publication Date:  2002
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