Voices Radio: Eric on The Struggle against white fascists

ChVoices from the Frontlines cover for 1/12/21 Episode. At the top, black and white photos of Civil Rights organizer. Below, a red banner with white text says "Eric Mann on the Struggle against white fascists." Below, in a white banner, with black text "It's time for the Civil Rights Movement to once again confront the Democrats and Lead the Struggle. Below, the logo for Counterpunch to the left, and in red to the right "Today, 1/12 @ 3PM on KPFK 90.7FM". In a blue banner, with white text, a quote from the article reads "We have to go back to what we understood—direct action organizing including the right of self-defense is what is needed. We in the civil rights, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, human rights, women’s environmental, and climate justice movement have to put our bodies on the line and directly confront the white fascists through the most strategic and carefully constructed tactical plans." The bottom of the photo has a black banner, which says "streaminng live on kpfk.org, archived on www.voicesfromthefrontlines.com"

It’s time that the Civil Rights Movement once again confronts the Democrats and leads the fight against white fascists.

“So let’s get it straight. Armed white fascists can protest, but the Civil Rights Movement cannot “counter-protest?” So much for painting Black Lives Matter on the street if the Black movement is barred from marching.”

On this episode of Voices from the Frontlines, Eric reads from his latest Counterpunch article, and proposes a people’s movement against Fascism.

“As I watch the fascist mobs with their white power confidence, I am asking myself how much more fight do I have in me? … And yet, I want to fight. I want to push myself to put my body back on the line because I do not want the fascists and neoliberals to keep getting away with murder.” – Eric Mann

Read the full article on Counterpunch now, and then email your questions, comments, and suggestions to eric@voicesfromthefrontlines.com.

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