Policy Demand: A Vision for Black Liberation



We Are All African

On today’s show Eric Mann and Voices radio show Producer Channing Martinez holds a conversation with Author Kwado Obeng around the subject of his book We Are All Africans – Exposing the Negative Influence of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Religions on Africans . The conversation will touch on various social issues, questions, and assertions concerning the pantheon of African revolutionaries past and present.

Aired on August 02, 2016

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A Vision for Black Lives

On the second half of the show Eric discuss the Black Lives Matter Movement’s profound and well developed political demands expressed in a recently released article entitled A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands For Black Power, Freedom & Justice.. The article expresses specific political demands on the government and the power structure, in an effort to further develop the long and on-going struggle for liberation.

Aired on August 02, 2016

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